ADC conversion has to be synchronised with the PWM generated

Hello everyone.
I’m using an STM32F446, and I was wondering if you could tell me how to tell if the PWM pins chosen for my controller belong to the same timer for the ADC in the current sensor.

I have tried to find the information but I have not been able to find it.

I use the pins from the IHM07 driver board. And I don’t know if they’re in sync.

BLDCDriver3PWM(PA8, PA9, PA10, PC10, PC11, PC12);

LowsideCurrentSense(0.33, 1.528, PA0, PC1,PC0);

Thank you very much in advance

Hi @Francesc_Riera_Vidal ,

So what is important is that the 3 pins used for PWM in BLDCDriver3PWM are all on the same timer. It shouldn’t really matter which timer, but TIM1 is a good one to use.

PA8, PA9, PA10 are all on timer 1 (TIM1) and are TIM1_CH1, TIM1_CH2 and TIM1_CH3 respectively. So that’s perfect!

Then, when the pins are all on the same timer, their PWM signals are guaranteed to be in sync, which is important for the low-side current measurement.
Any of the timers can then normally trigger the ADC for current sensing, but TIM1 definately can, so you’re good with this configuration.