AC motor control


I am following the Simple FOC project with interest.
For inspiration, I am sending my way of regulating AC motors with the TM-03C module.
Module advantage: no PCB required.
Disadvantage: PWM 5khz.
I’m sorry, I don’t speak English.
I’m using translator.


Looks interesting, do you have a datasheet for the tm-03c module i could not find one.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a datasheet.
I was just looking for information on the internet.
Supply voltage: 90-400VDC
Max engine power TM-03C: 1.1kw, TM-35: 2.2KW
Max pwm: 5khz?
I set DeadTime to 4.2uS
Output: active low, I set the open collector.
This module will probably be slow on FOC. I use it for scalar slip control or open loop. TM-03C

@David thanks for the information.