57bl02 Motor Trembling

Hi, I am trying to control 57bl02 with Arduino uno. It has 8 pole pairs. FAN7842 is use to control mosfet. Supply to Motor is 24volt and using Open loop Velocity Control Code. During working, motor is rotating. but voltage drops to 10 volts and current exceeds. What could be the reason ? Motor is also trembling. 6PWM is used in the code.

driver.voltage_power_supply = 24

motor.voltage_limit = 4
motor.velocity_limit = 20

Target Velocity is 1.

Hello and welcome to simpleFOC forum.
The FAN7842 seems to have a synchronized deadtime between highside and lowside switching. (typ. 50ns)
To me it seems, it would ignore the software dead.zone setting of simpeFOC ?
You can try to change the dead.zone variable in 6PWM mode to see if it makes any difference.

Thank you for the reply.

driver.dead_zone = 0.05f;

This is default value. What should be the new one for FAN7842.

You can pick any other value, just to test, if the FAN7842 ignores it.
Verify it with a scope on high- and low-side gates.
The best value depends on your motor inductance. But it isn’t mentioned in the datasheets.

Measure the phase resistance of your motor, then use the voltage limit you set to calculate the current you’re applying through the motor. Is that the current you want? Can your power supply source that much current?

I am using Variable DC Power Supply (Max 5 Ampare). But I limited the current upto 1 Amp.

How many amps will motor.voltage_limit = 4 produce given the phase resistance of your motor?