400A / 100V SimpleFOC fully modular driver -- Mastodon


I’ve been quiet for a while on new boards. The reason is this: a 400A / 100V integrated driver – Mastodon Alpha version. Peak current 1800A although I very seriously doubt this is possible without 4oz copper and upgrading the bus bars.

Running SimpleFOC, modular, galvanically isolated in-line dual-stage current sensing, modular galvanically isolated drivers. The modular MCU is currently running on STM32G431. Since everything is modular, all components could be re-designed and changed and assembled to match different use cases as long as they match the back-plane.

This is based on an earlier Krakatoa exploratory design.

I’m not sure when this will be completed as this is turning out to be so complex it’s really pushing my free time to the limit.

Four of these when completed the design could drive a 4x4 light electric vehicle with direct drive motors attached to each wheel. One of these could drive a motorcycle-sized single-motor vehicle (48v x 100A would put out up to 5000 watts continuous power easily). I’m yet to prove this, so it is only a paper exercise atm.



Those are some serious buzz bars! Brave new world :earth_africa: not to mention paraglider or kamakazi drone.

Now that you mention EVs. I once wondered if it’s possible to Simi-fly using the updrift of the carefully designed exterior, in a completely integrated solution. The purpose would be to lift some of the battery weight, maybe half the weight. The vehicle should still be firmly grounded.

That would take a team effort. Maybe that milage crew can be persuaded to mount a wing of sorts @Skylar_Lennon ?

That would violate the First Principle.