£100 for Quadruped Robot Blueprint [Brushless, Closed Loop Control]

£100 for someone who can provide blueprint for affordable 3d printed quadruped robot [mit cheetah style] using brushless closed loop control. Please include wiring diagram, components/parts list, code if possible and 3D stl files.

Add three zeroes to that. I’m being serious.


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I would only I don’t have £100,000 . :sob:

I know, I’m not trying to be snarky. Wish I had one to post.


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Might not be what your looking for but take a look at my webpage:

Amazing design, can it run? Or speed walk? :zap::zap::zap:

If you have been trying for 2 years on and off, I would be surprised if anyone else knew more about this than you already do.

The printing alone would cost many many times that

well ive been using servos, and making new versions, but the designs keep failing unfortunately for me

Why do they keep failing? Inadequate control loop time/responsiveness?

honestly im willing to pay the necessary amount, ive always wanted to have my own pet robot

well, im not very pro at software

I was under the impression there were already several consumer products that are in this class, though I never paid much attention to them.

Some of my designs

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That’s not futuristic or complex enough

Form an open source coalition? worked for drones. There is lots of good stuff for making your own drone these days.

you know the design you made, when will that one be available, looks soooo cool.

alternatively, do you know how i can “teach” my robot to walk? maybe i can make one of my quadruped chasis work


There are some quadruped designs out there, but it’s a challenging problem!

James Bruton has designed a dog, you’ll find his YouTube easily.
David’s quadruped design (he posted link above) is much smaller and lighter.
Our discord recently received videos of a working quadruped, but unfortunately the author hasn’t documented it online. See our community projects channel on discord.

Bittle is neat, but far too fragile. They even ship with extra servos. Just looking at at them wrong makes bittles legs break.
Servos (in my opinion) are very unsuitable for making robot legs, brushless motors have much better properties for this.

On the software side, don’t underestimate the complexity. To make a robot walk requires working out its “Kinematics”. Luckily you will be able to find examples and many research papers on this topic, but if you’re new to coding, it might be worth teaming up with an experienced coder.
Writing kinematic models for execution in real time on a robot would not be my recommended starter coding excercise :sweat_smile:

Can I have the 100 GPB? nevermind, this is only servo-based.
Here is a link to a fully documented project with BOM, wiring diagram and software :joy:


Jokes aside this is a very complex project and I think you could spend an entire career trying to achieve what you are looking for. The codebase for Cheeta is on GitHub, you can look in there and see the amount of work it takes at a top-level university to develop one of these over many years (and with budget much larger than you noted)

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