Why not use now very affordable hoverboard setup?

To continue further discussion from github issue here: https://github.com/simplefoc/Arduino-FOC/issues/9.

All relevant links for the product I could find is in above link.

Hoverboard linked below is less than $100 and it includes:

I am not a programmer but it is lot more affordable to use this setup and somehow figure out how to use SimpleFoc firmware on it.It will be less expensive then buying all the above parts separately in my opinion.

I have this hoverboard which I can sacrifice to try loading SimpleFoc if guided by someone.


I agree with you, your idea is excellent!
I bought 3 broken hoverboards about 3 months ago. Here is my assessment.

  1. They don’t all use the same mcu. I have a gd32f107 but the originals have a similar chip from stm, yours is different again. Some of these boards have patchy arduino support (you’ll notice other hoverboard firmware e.g fauth/feru doesn’t use arduino platform)
  2. They can be a little difficult to program. No usb so need buy a programmer + ftdi for printf debug that works with the chip.
  3. Typically they have 6pwm pins per motor, simple foc support 3pwm pin output only. 6pwm is on roadmap.
  4. Usually powered by 10s2p batteries (i.e 42v), my 30v 5a power supply is only just powerful enough to use to program it (some say 36v is required)
  5. The motors have fantastic torque but there are challenges of fitting an alternative to the onboard hall sensors as both front and back plates of motor spin. Simplefoc can be used with hall sensors but they have low resolution.

So yeh, there are some challenges but i believe it will happen. I’ll give it a go once pwm6 support is complete.

Thank you for your feedback and your effort to make it work for SimpleFoc.

May be schematic using arduino at following link will be helpful. https://aidilj.com/2015/01/sensored-bldc-motor-control-with-arduino/. He is using 24 VDC for mosfets. Can we replace arduino pro mini he is using with ESP32 and bypass GD32/STM32 on original hoverboard controller?