Which pins can I use for sensors/controls?

I just received my SimpleFOC 2 board. I will be using with a 4 pole BLDC with hall sensors.

Are pins 11,12,13 free to use for external controls / buttons? (It appears they are used with magnetic sensors, but I am using the hall sensors). Do I have to disable them somehow in SimpleFOC?

For a 4 pole motor, I specify it as “2 pole pairs” during setup correct?


Hi @certified_prime , welcome to SimpleFOC!

Yes, that’s correct, if the 4 is referring to the number of rotor poles (magnets).

On the bottom of the shield, you will find some solder jumpers. The shield will use only those pins you choose via the solder jumpers. All other pins are free for you to use normally, for any kind of the sensors supported, or also other controls like buttons.