Wheel legged robot

In the future I want to build one of the cheapest wheel legged robot, something like tencent ollie or diablo

I want to use mostly hoverboard parts, I have access to:

  • Dual controllers
  • Single controllers (with IMU)
  • Daughter boards (with IMU)
  • Hoverboard motors that have a good torque to price ratio

I usually get used/defective hoverboards for 10e each.

For this, I will need to get the following to work with simpleFOC on hoverboard controllers:

  • I2C commander for driving the different controllers from a master controller
  • I thought about using AS5600 encoders as it’s cheap and I don’t need speed. I need to be able to use separate I2C for encoders and communication as those encoders have a non programmable/single address. If the hall sensors pins can be set for I2C, I could use this approach and use no additional cable.

I am not good at building stuff so I bought 2020 aluminum profiles and parts (like this or this) that I could use as simple building blocks.

This will take a lot of time…
Wish me good luck


You’d have to place the AS5600 into the motor housing and route the i2c wiring through the hollow shaft. Along the motor wires…that’s my concern.
Wondering, if SPI sensors like AS5048 would have better immunity?

I have zero experience with encoders so any advice is welcome.
An encoder easier to integrate would definitely make my life easier.

In noisy environments we used to use optical fibre to daisy chain upto 100 sensors (BMS-stuff)

I haven’t seen an encoder with an RS232 optical converter onboard, but they are small and not too expensive.

Looks like with the board variant I am using now, there is not much I can do with the hall sensor pins. No I2C/SPI/ADC.
I would have to go for another variant, or go for something simple like an ABZ encoder I guess.

I guess, you have plenty of spare pins used for LEDs and blingBling stuff originally?
In my case I have to remove some RC-filters or even FET-drivers for 12V LED-strips.

Yes I would have to modify the boards to use those pins.