What about this stepper driver?

Hi, I just found a relative cheap and interesting AIO stepper driver.
it has an STM32F103C8T6 and a A1333 as magnetic encoder.
The cost is less than 40€ with a OLED, and less without. (really don’t know if with stepper or not…
On aliexpress you can buy one for 14€…

Do you think it is SimpleFOC-able?

EDIT: ok, just found… HERE

I had seen those a few weeks ago and was thinking the same thing, however I was under the impression they were using an existing stepper-driver IC instead of a Dual H-bridge driver.

Perhaps I was looking at one of the similar projects out there that do similar lol. I was considering using one of those closed stepper designs to derive a board specifically for simpleFOC use, but after looking at the BOM it seems to use a A4954 driver. That means it should work since it’s just a dual H-bridge and nothing else. Problem solved :slight_smile:

From a quick look at the schematic, it appears the magnetic sensor is connected via SPI. I imagine support for it’s communication protocol would need to be added to the codebase to make use of that.

in short, it should be SimpleFOC-able but until support for the magnetic sensor is added, it would be openloop only :wink:

I agree with @NickLD, it looks like this might be SimpleFO-able. I didn’t fully understand the a4954 slow/fast decay feature and whether that would cause issues (or be benficial!). So perhaps some changes needed to driver.

The a1333 sensor looked pretty standard. It’s possible that it might be made to work with MagneticSensorSPI with just config i.e defining register address (0x20) and start bit (?4 or 5).