Welcome to SimpleFOC community platform

Welcome to the SimpleFOCproject discussion platform :wave:

Hi Guys!
As you know, SimpleFOCproject is completely open-source project with intention to demystify the Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithm for BLDC and Stepper motors for the hobby community.

This community platform is imagined to be a sort of:

  • Blog where you can ask about the share your projects and the applications of the SimpleFOClibrary
  • A place to ask and resolve questions about the potential installation issues, hardware issues, customization potentials and similar.
  • Also since this project is in the early stage of development we are very happy to hear what would you like it to include in order to suite your applications.

Basically feel free to post any type of question, suggestion, application example or anything else that might be helpful to people interested in the FOC algorithm, BLDC/Stepper motors and the SimpleFOClibrary.

We are looking forward to hear from you!