Video compilation of 2020 projects

Happy new year guys!

We’re very happy with the community that has formed around SimpleFOC and we’re looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us and you!

With that said, I’m doing a video compilation of the first ever SimpleFOC projects. If you can share a small video clip (10-20 seconds) of your projects of this years and add them to this drive folder we would appreciate it :slight_smile:




Can you share a clip of one of your balance bots? would like to give your channel a shout-out.

Ok. I share three videos.

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I’ve dropped a couple of videos.

Anymore? @schoch, @Adam_Donovan - you’ve both done a few excellent videos. Do you want to add them to the projects compilation @David_Gonzalez is putting together?

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Yes ok I’ll add something, be back in the studio early next week and could do it then:)

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I’ve also added few videos that are at least a bit presentable :blush:
I remember some interesting projects from @schoch and @freedom2000, guys if you have some videos we’d love to see them :smiley:

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Hi there,

First of all --> happy new year to all of you !

I have added one vid into the shared folder. Don’t hesitate to cut it as it’s not the best video I ever made :slight_smile:

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Although there are quiet a few videos already I am not sure that this message has gotten to everyone.
I just found out that I can mention everyone at once so that ones that are interested can participate.

So here it goes :smiley:


can you be more specific about what sort of clip you’d like? Happy to put something in there just not sure what!?

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I liked your haptic textures video. Also seeing FOC working with your Lathe would be good too. The recent one where you are putting a thread into plastic tube would work

I think Dave is looking for short 10-20s clips.

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the lathe integration is just getting started so that threading video didn’t include any simpleFOC code. I have to figure out a protocol between the haptic input controller and the ELS (elctronic leadscrew) controller. If anyone want’s to help out I have no idea what it should look like but I want to make it generic and usable for projects other than the ELS.

I put a couple clips in the folder, let me know if that works.

Nice. Are both sides esp32 mcus?

yup, right now they are but I may use a blue or black pill for the haptic controller.

@David_Gonzalez really likes espnow. I think it sneakily uses WiFi broadcast packets to send data over wifi without having to connect to a ‘proper’ wifi.

I’d really like to jump in with a video, hope it’s not too late. I will aim to upload something the next day or 2…:slight_smile:

Yes give me a day or so:)

Don’t worry @Adam_Donovan, we’re waiting for you video. Take your time :slight_smile:

Hey @Adam_Donovan,

Have you had a chance to upload your videos to the drive?

@David_Gonzalez Did you get my PM?

OK I uploaded what I have for now. Better version of the video will take me a little more time.