Torque calculation of a BLDC motor


During my research for my racesim ( I calculated the torque constant because I needed it for the book I had to write about it. It was interesting to see that it’s actually not just 8.27*I/Kv, This is only true when using sine waves. Also, I started working it out more mathematically correct and I could not finish it. Maybe someone else can or maybe someone is interested in where it comes from, so that’s why I’m sharing it.

Simple version:

Not finished more correct version:

Carelsbergh Stijn


Did you create any program for solving it by putting the variables.?

No, but you can just plug it into the last line.

T = 15√(3)/π * I/Kv


Carelsbergh Stijn

Did you prepare any document regarding this calculation and if you could give any reference book or article.


These documents were written by me. I posted everything I got.


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