Teddington Robotics - Go!

Possibly a first for SimpleFOC. A music video!

Featured in video is:

  • Dual VESC driver (1KW)
  • Connected using CAN Bus
  • 9 DoF IMU (BNO085)
  • Me falling on my arse!

This is a homage to Public Service Broadcasting - Go!. If you haven’t heard PBS and like Space History - check the original out!


Awesome, I love it :sunglasses:

Awesome! :slight_smile:
Once I fell from a hoverboard - one motor shuts down. I don’t want to try anymore. :slight_smile:

Awesome that your balancing robot is working now! Are you going to improve it in the future or are you going to do a new project? :slight_smile:

I will be coming back to it, but first want to do some ML. My day job is an ML Engineer but I’m pretty new to it. I’ve a couple of ideas, a boring vision recognition ‘follow me’ thing, the other (more interesting) involves audio where you control a bot with a sheepdog whistle.

I’ll start with a 3 wheeler and jump back to two wheels when i get things going.

The imu I’m using is a bno085 which is 9 DoF. I think i prefer it to the venerable mpu6050. It’s faster (250hz) and does magneto/gyro/accelerometer fusion ‘on board’.


It’s amazing. I love the video too. The future of transportation in the making!

If you start to talk about IMUs then please look at this one and read into it…after a year of trial and error with others it’s something pretty cool.
Kris did a hell of a lot of testing with IMUs and it’s rally worth reading his tests.

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