Target angle error

Hello everyone.
I have a LA052 motor connected to an IHM07MI driver board
It is configured as a position control loop.
I’ve been fussing with the PID values ​​and I finally get it to work without oscillations (for small displacement values). But I find that when I set the target to a high value of 1000. The motor moves to a value of 998 and remains with that error value (of 2 units).
By setting the target back to 0, the error value is now -3. The angle being -3 and the target 0.
What could be happening? I do not know how to start. Some suggestion.

Thank you all for your time.

You could try a small amount of i term on your angle pid to shake out that last bit of error

For the angle I have a value of I of 0.02
These are my PID values ​​for angle and speed. In the attached image the error for a small value of target is practically 0.

The error becomes larger as the target increases.

Thank you for your response and your time.