Strange hall sensor waveforms on my motor

Just having another look at the hall sensors on my motor in detail, and I notice that instead of them all having equal 50% duty (180deg on 180 deg off) I have only 1 of the 3 hall’s correct, the others are 33% duty (120deg on)

I think my hall’s are 60deg apart. Does that sound right, or is there something wrong … I understand zeros and 7’s as a hall code are legal for 60deg …

That is weird, i’d expect them to all be on 50% of time. Sometimes, with inadequate pullups you see them flipping from high to low when they should be high, but i don’t think you are Singh that
Zero and 7 is illegal on normal hall arrangement but i guess there might be variations that use it
The magnets are separated by 120 degrees (electrical).

Could it be this

@Owen_Williams Yep, I think my halls are only 60deg apart. However they should still be 50% duty as per @Candas1 diagram. (0 & 7 codes are legal for 60deg)

I think on the original controller for this motor, the halls were supplied by 12v but the OC outputs are pulled up to CPU 3v3. I only have a 5v supply so maybe the halls are not working correctly at that lower voltage.

I might pull one to bits and have a look what halls it uses …

In my diagram, it’s 60deg because hall3 state us inverted.
So inverting one of those digitalread would make it 120deg again for the software.

Yes, I realize that. That is not the issue. The issue is that the signals are not 50% duty.

I have attached a photo of the sensor board, they are at 60deg, but it looks like the sensors can be moved to 120…

The markings on the sensor is A89E, with the “A” all fancy, maybe Allegro?
I can’t find it using google …

Wouldn’t their positions depend on the number of motor poles? Or does it always work with the same positions?