Start of Initial Phase Currents

I am trying to run the motor using the ST software not simple FOC, while code is executing the flow enters the FOC algorithm sub function, here it reads the phase Ia and Ib as 0, then the clarke transform (Ialpha=0 and IBeta = 0), i assume that it will be 0 in park trasform. I want to know at what step does the current starts flowing in motor Is this after the below steps,
Vqd.q = PI_Controller(pPIDIq[M1], (int32_t)(FOCVars[M1].Iqdref.q) - Iqd.q);
Vqd.d = PI_Controller(pPIDId[M1], (int32_t)(FOCVars[M1].Iqdref.d) - Iqd.d);

Please help i am struggling to run the motor.