Something wrong with the shop?

I ordered sFOC minis from the shop at 10 Juli.
Paid by Paypal.
On 19 Juli I tried to contact the shop, asking for any delivery-updates…no response til today.
Is the whole shop on holidays? Or is it something more serious?
I assumed the boards are available in France, so delivery to Germany wouldn’t usually take so long.
I’m getting a bit impatient, because the motors I ordered from aliexpress the same day, arrived already :frowning:

It can take a while. I suspect @Antun_Skuric is busy with his real life. He sells the hardware for our benefit, not to make money.

I’m always trying to “support the local dealer” if possible.
But now I see that Aliexpress is faster and I can get 3 cloned boards for the price of one.
Where is my benefit here?

Hey Olaf,
Thanks for raising these questions, they are important and I dont think I was clear enough with my communication so far about the shop.

First of all, thanks for purchasing the boards.
Your boards were shipped last week, I hope you’ll have them soon.

I’m in my phd thesis writing process and I dont have much simplefoc time unfortunately, at least not as much as I would like to. Sorry for not responding to you emails.

Why simplefoc shop and not Aliexpress?

There isnt any (apart maybe form the environmental ones but even that is questionable because the all of them are manufactured in France).
If you want the fast delivery, larger quantity and/or low price please do order it from Aliexpress. :smiley:
I’ve even suggested that the boards are available on Aliexpress in the shop, but I should be more explicit maybe.

The goal of the shop

I am selling the boards basically more or less zero profit and my goal is to make these boards available to the public, and as soon they are available on Aliexpress (or other publicly accessible sites) the goal is reached. :smiley:
So, most probably, I will not be selling them after the initial stock is sold (~20 left).
The same was true for the shields, you can find them on Aliexpress/Ebay easily now.

Dear Antun,
frankly speaking your response came 20 minutes to late. I just opened a paypal issue and got my money back. I also ordered the minis from aliexpress already.
I haven’t got any order confirmation or shipping details, so I was worried something went wrong.

I hope, I can refuse your delivery, but I guess it’s just an envelop.
I’ll send it back to you, if I see a valid return address.

Good luck with the thesis

Sorry to hear about the turbulence. I sold stuff for a short time using amazon, using their so-called fulfilment service.

The fulfillment service is a thing where you send them like 100 units of product and they store and ship them out for you when an order is submitted. They charged about $6 USD per order, including shipping, which is a pretty good deal.

This might be worth looking into. There is a process to brace yourself for with regards to getting an amazon seller account and setting things up.

I should warn you that amazon uh, threw out all of my product. They got confused and thought it was expired. So I can’t really recommend them actually, however there might be better services from another company, or you could just try it and see what happens, just don’t give them too much product at once.

Interestingly, there was no warehouse storage fee. I guess it’s cheap enough they don’t care.

Plus they automatically distribute product around the country into localized warehouses and it goes into the prime system so people can get the stuff really fast.

If they weren’t such abusive clowns it would be quite an accomplishment and very impressive and useful. It might still be worth something.