Some help setting up simplefocstudio

I am a bit lost following the setup page for simpleFOCstudio. Is this the correct starting point for code before running the simplefocStudio the first time?

if so i am getting a compiler error as follows.

error: ‘motor’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘doMotor’?

#include <SimpleFOC.h>


// include commander interface
Commander command = Commander(Serial);
void doMotor(char* cmd) { command.motor(&motor, cmd); }

void setup(){
  // add the motor to the commander interface
  // The letter (here 'M') you will provide to the SimpleFOCStudio
  // tell the motor to use the monitoring
  motor.monitor_downsample = 0; // disable monitor at first - optional

void loop(){

  // real-time monitoring calls
  // real-time commander calls;

additionally when running command prompt python i get the following.

libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile

The important part to find the actual problem is hidden behind the “…” in your code excerpt, so I can only guess. Somewhere in the hidden part must be a declaration of your motor class instance, something like:


The reference to this is used in

void doMotor(char* cmd) { command.motor(&motor, cmd); }

It seems that you either forgot to declare it at all or used a different name instead of “motor”.


Thank you for the reply, i didnt have it there at all. I am able to load and enable the studio now. Still trying to figure out actually using it but ill het there