Simplefocmini + stm32cubeide

Hello all developers. I have a wish for you to start developing. simplefocmini (drv8313pwpr) with stm32cubeide I understand the basics of using a 3 phase timer. By creating a 120 degree difference, I can make the motor rotate but it is unstable.

And I want to design my own motor drive circuit. I’m looking for a possible example. I’ve tried many methods.

I’m using an embedded microcontroller. stm32h750vbt6 I don’t use neoclue, I only study from videos. That there was an easier way but my boss didn’t support it. So I had to try even harder to get the results I wanted.

I’ve already posted a thread and someone has replied that simplefoc supports arduinoIDE more than stm32cubeide.

best regards

Porting simplefoc to cubeide has been asked for a number of times. I really can’t see this community getting behind it. We’ll happily help you get your code working on a custom board but the core needs to be Arduino.

The code is open source and can be forked, i imagine someone who knows cubeide could port the motor part to it in a few weeks.

Stm have their X-CUBE-MCSDK which i believe is what they (stm) expect you to use to control motors.

Regarding your desire to build your own board, there are plenty of open source designs for you to seek inspiration e.g the foc boards (shield and mini) and qvadrans.