📢 SimpleFOClibrary v2.2.2 is out

Hello everyone, we are very happy to announce that the new release v2.2.2 of the SimpleFOClibrary is finally out!

Here is an overview of some of the most important updates:

  1. Bugfixes:
    • GenericCurrentSense bugfix and testing
    • bugfix leonardo #170
    • bugfix - no index search after specifying natural direction
  2. API restructuring #153
    • Low level:
      - Driver API
      - Current sense API
    • Important: CurrentSense API change - added method linkDriver() - see in docs
  3. New debugging interface - see in docs
  4. API restructuring #158
    • Static class SimpleFOCDebug
  5. Extended Low-side current sensing support- see in docs
    • ESP32 generic support for multiple motors
    • Added low-side current sensing support for stm32 - only one motor #6
      • f1 family
      • f4 family
      • g4 familly
  6. New approach for current estimation for torque control using voltage - see in docs
    • Support for motor KV rating - back emf estimation
    • Using motor phase resistance
  7. KV rating and phase resistance used for open-loop current limiting as well - see in docs


Thank you, thats really nice.


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Happy to see the low side sensing is growing/improving! I’m considering making a system based on ESP32 that will make use of it.

Are there any demos of this working? I’m sure you must have some sort of test system.

Awesome that you managed to add the BEMF compensation based on velocity and KV rating!


Hey @aokholm,

sorry for the delay!

It was greatly insipred by your solution! :smiley:

At the moment all of my tests are based on two driver boards:

With the DRV8302 board, I’ve been testing with the ESP32 mcu, Bluepill and the nucleo f411re. And the Odrive board has onboard stm32f405 chip.

I’ve been testing with few different motors as well:

So in terms of ESP32 examples, there is one in the library examples for the same DRV8302 board:

There is even a video that I’ve made some time ago: