SimpleFOC Shield 2.0.3 Intermittent Startup Issue

Hi Folks,

I’m new here, and have been playing around with an Arduino Uno and SimpleFOC Shield v2.0.3 along with a small gimbal motor. I’ve been able to get everything working as it should (velocity/position/torque modes), however, on occasion when i turn on the power to the FOC shield, it starts up in an odd mode where it seems like one of the motor phases isn’t being controlled, and the motor cogs around and draws a lot of current. I’m using the onboard 8V regulator to power the Arduino. This odd mode persists in between power cycles, and while it will clear randomly, I have not been able to identify what steps actually clear it and restore normal operation.

Is there anything I could check or has this issue been seen before?


Has anything like