Reaction wheel bicycle


Hey @Rem666, I am impressed and I love it!
I suppose you’ve used the SimpleFOClibrary for this?

Yes, your library very helped my. I also tried AS5600 over I2C. Yes, it works but i get strange result from MPU on faster motor rotation. Maybe not enough I2C speed… Encoder over SPI works better for this project.

Another super cool and unique project. Videos like this will really help grow the simplefoc community!

And yeh the default i2c speed is super slow, 100khz? Can be increased to 3.2mhz but most of the gains are seen at 400khz. The spi magnetic sensors tend to be 14bit whilst as5600 says it’s 12bit but in my opinion is 11bit (that extra bit is just noise from my measurements)

I’ll put in a PR to make i2c clock speed configurable.

400khz. In beginning of this video, where only reaction wheel, not bicycle, i use I2C encoder AS5600.
I wait IMU support in FOC library…

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