Questions about stabilized gimbal platform with simpleFOC

Hi all,

I am working on design two-axis stabilized gimbal. Until this time I make progress on stm32f4 discovery board. My components are drv8313 evolutation board, GBM5208 gimbal motor with as5048a, mpu6050.
Now I read my sensor and I drived the motor with sinusoidal commutation.

Then I saw your community. I caught my attention. I want to try this project with your library. I will still use drv8313, GBM5208 with as5048a and mpu6050.

Do you have any suggestion about my project. Can I use your library ? Is there any limitations about doing this project? And I saw you can work with storm32 with your library. Is it good option for me ?

Last questioni If I use stm32 microcontrollers how can I programming with arduino. I did not use arduino before ?

You should be able to use that setup (including disco board) with simplefoc.

Were you using stm32cube ide before? You can use platformio or arduino ide. They both support ‘arduino’ wire coding. I’ve written a youtube tutorial on simplefoc+platformio, which I’ve posted a few times in this forum.

If you wanted to use arduino ide instead you would first need to add stm to your boardmanager urls in preferences and then add the platform in boardmanager. Hopefully there will be a board similar to your board for you to use.