Quadruped bai tiny

Hi everyone, I want to share a quadruped project using simplefoc driver, the goal of the project is to develop low-cost torque-controllable quadruped hardware. :smiley:

Though many open-source quadruped solutions already provide robust and ready-to-use hardware. Such as mini cheetah, doggo, and solo. The prices of the hardware are generally > $1000 with overall body lengths around 40cm. In this project, we want to make a desktop quad hardware with a body length of around 15cm. The actuators of the quad bai tiny should be torque-controllable, considering most dynamic locomotion controllers require that.

The development process can be decoupled into serval tasks.

  • Develop a back-drivable actuator module.
  • Develop a torque-controllable motor driver for the actuator.
  • Design a minimal leg mechanic
  • Embedded controller with power electronic

Here are some demos of the ongoing project.

Jumping demo

Walking demo

The motor driver uses atmega328p.

This driver didn’t come with a current sensor so It’s not truly torque-controllable. I’m working on a new one with an stm32 chip (with CAN support), which should provide higher usable control bandwidth.


Amazing! I love it! I’m a big fan of tiny robots.

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I love the idea of it being so small :smiley:

I have been involved in the design of a quadruped for several months, but of a larger size. If you don’t mind, I would like to know some more information about yours:
What size motors do you use? Have you measured maximum torque?
What is its total weight?
What are you using as the main control?
Do you currently send and receive the position control by RS232?

I have a STM32 motor driver with SimpleFOC and CAN working, but not natively (through MCP2515 and SPI).
I still don’t have the CAN communication protocol implemented, but it is functional :smiley: