Program start Shield v2.0.2 with F401RE

Hey guys,

I‘m using the Simplefoc Shield v2.0.2 with a Nucleo F401RE, programming in the Arduino IDE. My Program starts automatically on the Nucleo if it is powered by USB, the Shield is powered by a 20V power supply, motor is running.

For running from a battery without USB, I soldered the „VIN regulator 8V“-Pin on the Shield and changed on the Nucleo the powersupply jumper from „U5V“ to „E5V“, now the LED‘s are on both devices on. But the program starts not automatically after connecting the battery. I have to trigger one time the reset and then it starts.

I read about different Boot settings on the Nucleo, could someone please tell me what I can do on my Nucleo, or in the program to let it start right after connecting the battery without triggering the reset?

Best Regards

Is boot0, boot1 or reset broken out as pins? Perhaps you could experiment with holding them low (or high) with a pulldown (or pullup) resistor.

Bootloaders confuse me too!

Yes BOOT0 and Reset are broken out as Pins.

I already tried two different things:

First, making a jumper from BOOT0 to VDD, as mentioned in the description under the table,
but then it does not start and its even not possible to start with reset as before:

Second, I set Reset with a wire permanent wire to GND, but as expecting the programm is not running anymore if Reset is permanent to GND:

Any other creative solutions? :grinning:

If not I will include an extra “start” button in my device.