Problem while using SimpleFOC with MPU9250

I’m using SimpleFOC Shield 2.0.4 with Arduino UNO R3. The uno only has 32KB Flash, so I use SimpleFOC library minimal(2.0.1) for it. When I’m not using the IMU, it can drive the motor very well. But when I add Wire.begin(); or mpu.setup(0x68) to the setup() function to connect, the motor initializes but it doesn’t move. If I rotate it manully, it makes high pitch noise, and initializes again. What’s the reason?

Is your encoder I2C and on the same bus as the MPU?

I use the analog input(A3) for AS5600.

When I add BLDCMotor motor = BLDCMotor(7); to the code. The UNO can’t communicate to the MPU