Problem ordering a Mosquito on jpcpcb

Hi all!

Following the advice that @Valentine gave on other threads, I wanted to order a small production batch of Mosquito boards on jlcpcb.

I created an account on, I opened “SIMPLEFOC_BLDC_MOSQUITO_V20 - EasyEDA open source hardware lab” in the editor, I exported the BOM and the placement parts file, and clicked the button to transfer the Gerber PCB file directly on jlcpcb.

So far, so good.
Then I imported the BOM and placement parts file, and I had a few issues:

  • a couple of parts were not recognized, apparently they are just two connectors (“castellated parts”), I can live without and eventually solder them myself
  • a couple of parts were missing from the inventory; about them, I’d kindly ask @Valentine if he can do the test himself and see if there could be alternatives or if I should wait
  • finally, the place for one board was about 60 Euros; since I did not want to place the order with missing parts I did not try to go on and see a quote for more boards (I would need between 6 and 8). Is the 60 Euros price normal for one board?

Then I have a question for @Valentine (BTW, thanks a lot for your designs!!!): was my procedure order the batch correct?
I am a bit worried, I fear that a mistake would give me useless, non-working boards, and I would lose the money…
Could you please upload “proper” copies of the files somewhere (ideally on a source code repo like github)?


There is no real part, those show as parts but they are just footprints, you don’t need to solder anything.

Which parts are out of stock? Please post the part numbers and I will check for synonyms.

No, this is not normal for one board. There is something going on with the order. Usually when you order from JLC they automatically put 5 boards, can you check? You probably ordered 5 board, but you were thinking you ordered 1 board. E60 for 5 boards is normal, since I am not sure what the cost in Europe is including delivery. Usually FedEx or DHL express is about $40 so you get about E60 for 5 boards and E30 for delivery, that’s about right.

Please familiarize yourself very carefully with the order process, if this is your fist time, it may be good for you to re-order a few times, up to the payment, then cancel, re-order, and learn how to do it. There is nothing wrong with ordering ten times, canceling an order ten times until you get the process, as long as you do not pay, JLC doesn’t care.

You are very welcome, I’m glad people are using them.

I may try to do that in the future however sharing directly on EasyEDA allows people to clone and order using the EasyEDA integrated process, as well as learn how to do PCB design themselves. My designs are more of providing an educational experience and a base for doing something more, rather than production. I will consider creating a github repo, I have an intern (a college student) that may be interested in doing this. Personally, I’m more of a design and forget and move on.


When you order this is where you specify your number of boards, at PCB Qty. The default is 5.

When you get to the BOM page, you will see that two components are missing. One is the driver itself, so wow, they are really out of stock, huh… That sucks! Well good news they still have the TI’s driver which is actually a lot better but a little more expensive, so you can replace it directly on the order page like that

Search for DRV8313. Click on the Select button!

Next one missing is the resonator. That is a real problem because this resonator is very particular and you cannot replace it with anything else. Let me see if we can find another one, but doubtful. Hold on…

OK there are a little bit left of part number C341524. If this is out of stock, get C907975, search for the part on the BOM order page, and click on Select.

Your BOM will look like this:

When you click Next, your order page will look like this:

This is for 5 boards, not one !!! So for one board, the cost is $17 which is pretty good, considering.

If you order 10 boards, the cost per board will drop to $15 which is about E13, not sure of the latest exchange rate. However do not forget you must pay shipping so your shipping will add to the cost.

Good luck!


PS One last thing, JLC usually gives you $9 discount per order, make sure you pick that, it will lower your cost, on the order payment page.

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I ordered and received my Mosquito boards end of April with one shortage. I received this message: “For the part C477919, I am sorry to tell you that the real stock is insufficient, your order needs 2 pcs in total (including attrition in production), but we have no in fact, so 2 pcs is inventory shortage”. This is the power regulator.

hmmm so you can always either replace with similar part or solder one manually, or provide 3.3v externally.

Hello again!
@Valentine thanks for the suggestions, especially for the replacement parts.
Unfortunately I was away during the weekend, so I could not place the order.
And now, like @ator1811 , I see that the “LMR14006YDDCR” power regulator is missing.

They have the “LMR14006XDDCR” which costs less and has half the switching frequency (and maybe other differences I did not spot).
I am simply too ignorant to decide if it would work anyway or not…

I’d rather avoid ordering the boards without the power regulator.
What do you suggest?

Replace with the other power regulator, it will work fine no worry. Do not skip components please.

A few final questions: at the bottom of the “PCB” jlcpcb order workflow page there’s the option to assemble the “top” or the “bottom” of the PCB.

The default is “top”, it is impossible to select both.

Does this mean that components will only be soldered on the top side (and, particularly, the position sensor on the other side will not be assembled)?

And about the PCB properties, are the defaults OK?

  • thickness: 1.6
  • impedance: no

I guess I can select “LeadFree HASL-RoHS” instead of “HASL (with lead)”, and “FR-4 TG155” instead of “FR4-Standard …”.
The price does not change much.
Is it worth it?
Does it create problems? :slight_smile:

Select the cheapest. SMD the top. No impedance. Cannot smd the bottom, leave it blank and hand solder if you need it. For a DIY board hasl with lead is perfectly good. You won’t be passing any government certifications. Ask any other questions.

Ordered! (10 pieces) :partying_face:

They state 4 days for the PCB, 5 for the assembly, and 10 to 12 for shipping to Europe.
In 20 days or so I’ll hopefully start experimenting! :smiley:

Again, thanks to @Valentine for the design and for the assistance!