Position Control through (hoverboard & hall feedback)!

Hello community! Our company wants to produce AGV/AMR robots based on BLDC motors .

Therefore, we need precise position control. Do you recommend us to use your driver.

We would like to use your card, is the motor (hoverboard & hall feedback) with simplefoc Driver able to do this control ? If not, what are the ideal alternatives for this type of card,for precise position control ?

Thank you in advance!

Dear @Louqman_Moulidi

Thank you for expressing interest in SimpleFOC. It may be best if you contact @Antun_Skuric directly. The code base should be able to support your needs, however, for production needs, you may want to discuss this directly with the code base owner, especially about the hardware.

Your project and use case look very interesting and engaging.


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thank you valentine ,
I couldn’t contact him directly! I hope he answers me here !
:wave: @Antun_Skuric

It may help if you present the detailed use case, unless it’s private.

Thanks for your feedback,

Actually I want to use SimapleFOC library becuase it is very interesting and easy to use, I need your suggestions to chose one of the supported boards, bellow my requirements:

1- Control position/angle
2- Precis
3- High current 30A
4- voltage 36V

I am using hoverboard motors with hall feedback sensor in my application.

Awaiting for your recomandations, please.



Based on the bullet-point requirements the answer is yes to all.

The problem is that the boards are not available due to the massive global chip/silicon shortage.

Also, for such purpose as yours, you will definitely need a custom designed board, because the boards currently available are hobby/educational boards. In your case the production grade board must be able to be used with humans, and needs to pass certain rather stringent standards that most people on this board are not remotely concerned.

Unless you are looking into building a basic, proof-of-concept device, in which case you are quite open?

Again it may be best to wait for Antun’s feedback.


Hey guys,

I’d jsut like to confirm that the SimpleFOC PowerShiled is not available at the moment and in any case given the bullet points you’re requiring it would not be the driver for the job.
The BTM8982 are too slow to handle high frequency pwm making them very hard to use with FOC and reducing the precision considerably.
At the moment this project is on hold and it is reserved a bit for experienced users who are fine with the trade-offs required.
However, the board is opensource and you are absolutely free to manufacture it and use in in your application in any way. :smiley:

Here is more in depth discussion about it: https://community.simplefoc.com/t/simplefoc-powershield

As @Valentine already said the SImpleFOClibrary is generic and it will be able to deliver on all of your requirements, in terms of control architecture and software. However the performance will depend greatly on the hardware you use as well. And the current situation is unfortunately very constraining. :confused:


There is a thread on this board you may find useful


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