Open-loop velocity with Nucleo F334 and DRV8302

Thanks to the forum I had the possibility to know better what I have to do, so now I try to make the open loop control working on my STM32F334R8 with DRV8302 control board on Arduino IDE. The Adruino IDE is working great with the Nucleo board and I achieved to do some basics codes. But for the open-loop code I have a problem with the hardware : what should I connect between the DRV8302 and the nucleo board ? There is nothing in the code I can identify as an output or an input I should connect. Thanks.

For 3PWM control, you could try any PWM capable IO pins from the Nucleo,
but it’s highly recommended to find the pins behind the motor-pwm timer. That register also has 3 inverted outputs for 6PWM-commutation.
Check the ST-datasheet for TIMx_CH1-3 and TIMx_CH1N-3N

Thank you very much, first I will try with 3 PWM but when it will works I’ll try with the 3 other inverted PWM. Ok so I’ll check for the motor pwm pins, thanks.
Edit : I guess these 6 channels are the good ones with 3 pwm and their complementary

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