Non - SimpleFOC BLDC Controller Construction

Interesting board utilizing Infineon IRFP2907PBF MOSFETS (6) and what I believe to be a ST 7FMC2S4T6 controller.

I found looking at the construction of this board interesting and thought others may find inspiration from it!

This is used to power a freon vane style 48v (58.6v) compressor used on (at least) mobile vehicle applications. Mfg requests 45 amp continuous load with a 50 amp slow blow fuse.
A couple of interesting notes:

  • Temperature sensing (White glob on mosfet side)
    -What I believe to be press-fit studs

This is what happens if the studs are put too close together… take note!

@Valentine It is interesting that the MOSFETs on this board are rated at such high amperage compared to what they request the fuse size be.

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Slow blow fuse means they easily pull 100A or even 200 at startup. ergo, big mosfets.