New Open hardware closed loop driver for Nema17 STM32G431CB

yes, there are quite a few designs on this forum using this chip, it’s a real winner!

I am a fan of this chip, it appears to have very nearly all that is needed for a driver in the class commonly required by people speaking on this forum, and also the code base already works fairly well with it due to prior efforts on the b-g431b-esc1 board, definitely a good move by ST micro to make that board available.

This project seems to have a lot of similarities with The Field Stack - STspin32G4

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Hey @AntonX , welcome to SimpleFOC!

I take it the CLN17 is your creation? It looks like an awesome project, and a beautiful website for it!

I think people are asking about FOC capabilities because that’s what we’re focused on here. But achieving good field oriented control on stepper motors is very demanding due to their high pole count, requiring a fast MCU and precise position sensor.

I think that you’re right that a good dedicated stepper driver like the trinamics will be hard to beat :slight_smile: So I think you should continue in your path and see where the project goes, and in the mean-time, since we’re all doing open source there may be aspects other than the motor control scheme that we can share or learn from each other. :slight_smile:

Very glad you like my project!

This is my first somewhat complex project that I’m releasing to the community. I understand that this might not be the right forum for this project, but I believe there are common ideas, such as closed-loop control, etc. Perhaps even an overlay for SFOC that will work with stepper motors and the Step-Dir interface would be a useful extension.

The project seems truly vast in terms of code volume, so I would be very grateful for mutual support of projects so that great ideas don’t gather dust just because of a lack of time, resources, or energy (unfortunately, I have a significant deficit of these).

I’m all for implementing more advanced functionality on the driver, even FOC, but only if it truly makes sense, offers tangible advantages, and doesn’t overload the microcontroller. I’m designing the project not just as a driver, but as a system with a large margin of computational power and interfaces. This way, everyone can make any (even if not the most optimal in terms of speed) additions to the functionality, which won’t conflict with the main tasks due to the memory/speed reserve, etc.

Moreover, these drivers could become something like the distributed brains of a printer or another CNC, eliminating the need for additional boards.

It’s all there in the realm of Duet3D and RepRapFirmware. There are also Chinese brands like Mellow or BigTreeTech with closedLoop stepper drivers running RRF

Mellow/Fly and Duet3D are open source. You can check their code and port it to the G431.