New? Aliexpress board

Is this a new one? FOC Strom Überwachung Dual Bürstenlosen Motor Drive Board Entwicklung Bord Simplefoc Plattform ESP32 STM32| | - AliExpress

Do we know anything about it? The listing is light on info.

Looks like it might be this going by the ‘NMOS’ GitHub - ChenDMLSY/N-MOS_-FOC-DualMotorDriveBoard: 该驱动板是全N-mos的FOC双路电流环驱动板,超高性价比!资料分享!

Yeah, nice find!

Looks like someone’s driver board, being advertised as SimpleFOC compatible. Its not an “official” product or anything like that, and I can’t say if or how well it works… you’ll have to order one a try it out :slight_smile:

If you do, please post your experience here, that would be very kind!

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