MPS6530 Power Driver IC

HI SimpleFOC Community,

As we all are aware that there is a shortage of IC. Looking at the currently available power driving IC. I designed this BLDC driving circuit based on MPS 6530 and ESP-32. The IC has a built-in short circuit and over-current protection. Overall I was able to run SimpleFOC on it by controller 2 BLDC motor 52 W with a single ESP-32. as shown:

Currently, controlled in voltage mode but as the new version supports the low side current sensing. WIll update my design and will add current sensing to it. Overall it works fine once I am done with all tests, I will share the schematics.


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The MP6530 is a nice driver, I look forward to seeing your schematics! I looks like a nice board, which mosfets are you using?

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We are currently having two issues with the board. First is that the rise and fall time of the Mosfet switching is 10 micro sec while the MPS6530 has 3 microseconds internal and with the 200 K deadtime resistor, the total time I am getting is 3.7 microseconds. This difference is causing to activate of the SCP pin. (short circuit protection).

The second is the backflow of current, when BLDC is moved by hand I can see the power LED lit up. So will add a diode to prevent it.

Also, if anyone sees any design issue please advise how to improve them. I am using IPI50N12S3L Mosfet.


10µs is quite slow switching time… Looking at the datasheet for the IPI50N12S3L, the rise-times are measured in nanoseconds… so I’m guessing your gate resistance is too much?

Yeah, the motor acts as a generator. In general, VBUS should always be higher than the voltage “generated” by the motor. Adding a diode in the VBUS path can be a solution, but of course this will lower the voltage seen by the motor, and you’ll need a fat diode that can handle the motor currents…
Perhaps there is a better solution?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is what makes me confused as well. I am using a 2-ohm gate resistor with that low resistance I am still getting such high switching time. I a, nit getting how can I reduce the switching time.