Motor makes a loud buzzing noise at higher rpm

I’m getting a loud electronic buzz associated with fast movement.

Video link here.

GM4108 gimbal motor, BGC3.1 board, AS5600 sensor.

Is there a way to get rid of this?

It’s constant frequency so I’m assuming it’s a PWM thing, though I tried putting in code to change the PWM frequency and it made absolutely no difference.

Hi Tempest,

try reducing the velocity_limit and/or limiting the output_ramp of the velocity PID. You could also try tuning the PID values for velocity and angle to see if it goes away…

My guess is the motor speed is exceeding the BGC3.1’s & AS5600 control loop’s bandwidth, causing this noise. Both the BGC3.1 and the sensor are a bit on the slow side for FOC control…

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Yep, good shout. Thanks! The problem appears to be related to the update rate that the AS5600 is able to provide over the I2C connection.

I tried setting the I2C clock to run faster and this raised the frequency of the buzz, indicating a faster update rate.

Basically I need to use a different kind of encoder for anything that turns fast.

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