Mosfet Driver clarification

I have developed code or from reference which is written for high HIN and high LIN logic inputs, but when i received a mosfet driver with high HIN and Low Active LIN. How does the code will change?
Will it be huge change, please advise.

Which MCU type are you using?

On STM32 and RP2040 we support changing it easily.

I am using STM32 how to use please help, the code i downloaded from ST website.

I planned to put a NOT gate before L side, will it work? Please advise.

probably yes, but it is not good, because the not-gate on only one channel will indroduce a delay (phase-shift) on the low-side signal.

If you’re using SimpleFOC, you can set a build-flag to enable active low behaviour on STM32 MCUs:
If using platformIO you can put it in your platformio.ini. If using ArduinoIDE it is more complicated, you can find some references in the internet for how to set build flags.

Thank you for support, if i see the datasheet this is the waveform
Generally in FOC we have the High and Low inverted but the waveform here is not inverted, so can i assume it is not FOC?

No this is just the PWM signal to the driver. It has nothing to do with FOC or not-FOC. It’s purely and only a hardware question, one driver might be active-high, and another might be active-low. Or you may be using P-FETs on the high side, and need inverted polarity for that reason.
The question of FOC arises only at a higher level, in the algorithm that sets the PWM output.

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