Minor typos on homepage

While browsing the homepage, i found a few minor typos:
Arduino BLDC Balnceing robot - Arduino SimpleFOCBlancer

Also, your HTML anchor is
SimpleFOCproject | Homesimplefoc_shiled
and your Google Keywords contain filed instead of field.

Seems nitpicky, but since theres even a category for feedback, i thought i’d let you guys know.


We thank you for any kind of well intentioned feedback! :heart:

I guess nit-picky can just be a slightly negatively slanted way of saying detail oriented, and really, we appreciate it greatly if anyone pays attention to the details closely enough to notice such errors.

And in terms of the substance of the matter, we will try to work corrections for these points into the next release of the docs :slight_smile:

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You’re quite welcome! I’m not sure if the website is part of a public repo somewhere, otherwise i would’ve fixed it myself :slight_smile:

A few more errors I ran across in the documentation (which is excellent by the way, far more concise than most motor theory writings)

teh - should be the

curren - should be current
Thi equation - should be “This equation”

create the magnetic field in the motor’s rotor - I think this should be “create the magnetic field in the motor’s stator”
Space vector modulation is not quiet there yet. - Should be “not quite there yet”

depends of the application - I think this should be “depends on the application”

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Did some more proofreading of the documentation. Let me know if you’d rather have these sent to an email address than posted here.

Suitable for low performance MUCs - Should be “MCUs”

teh - Should be “the”

the adc acquisition duration is as important as for the other current sensing approaches - I think this should be “is not as important”
requirers - Should be “requires”
teh - Should be “the”
make sure to put provide them to the constructor in that order. - Remove “put”

alinement - Should be “alignment”
Once when your current sense has been intialised - Remove “once” or “when”
all you need to do is to add it to link it with the BLDCMotor you wish to use it with: - Remove “add it to” or “link it with”
once when you linked the current sense - Should be “once you have linked the current sense”

ineficeint - Should be “inefficient”
pahse resisatnce - Should be “phase resistance”
instead the voltage limit - Should be “instead of the voltage limit”


Thanks very much for this!
I have fixed all the things you have both found in the docs, and created a pull request for the next release here: fixing typos pointed out by the community by runger1101001 · Pull Request #10 · simplefoc/simplefoc.github.io · GitHub

So your work should make its way into the documentation eventually, and thank you for it!

No I think either here or in the GitHub for the documentation is perfect, thank you!

We’re not embarassed by this :slight_smile: we’re proud of our documentation, even if it includes some small typos. But we’re also happy to make it even better by fixing such typos when people find them!


Hey @dekutree64, @dekutree64,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this,
The docs have so many typos that I am not even trying to correct them anymore :smiley:
I am a terrible typer.

But that is definitely a job that we will need to do at some point. I’ve used several spellchecking extensions in mu vscode, but as many of the files are relatively long the spellchecking software is not very efficient. At least in my experience.
If you have some that you like/recommend let me know. :smiley:

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There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The quality of your project and documentation speaks for itself, typos won’t change that. That’s the point of open source, no? Everyone can make improvements, even if they don’t directly develop the source code.

Also, i noticed that the source documentation is missing the MagneticSensorPWM. This really isn’t a big deal, as it’s documented in the examples, just found it curios.

I guess we should include it, but really the performance is not good enough that we can recommend using it… perhaps that’s why its not in the docs…