Might get some funding from Kanro, an Ethereum/Vitalik Buterin anti-pandemic fund for next gen SimpleFOC board

Some guy from Kanro emailed me and invited me to submit a proposal for a large well designed fan for a CR box. They saw me talking about stuff on Twitter.

Kanro is apparently a charity funded by Vitalik Buterin to address the pandemic. However I’m having difficulty finding info on it.

Here’s the thing, we are in year 4 of the pandemic and we are still futzing around with improvised air cleaning machines. It makes no sense. The number one reason people don’t use these things is the noise, and we can chop that massively with good design. From my experience with fans, I reckon we can get at least 5x the performance of current best in class CR boxes.

Now, to eliminate motor noise it has to be a BLDC motor. We need a driver. I already know from experience that the supposedly ready to go chips etc are no damn good, and also the ready to roll drivers boards are too noisy/no good for this stuff.

If we are going to design a driver, I believe we should contribute to the commons then draw from the commons. That gets more done at once.

So I will propose that this be part of the project. Get the hardware worked out and then implement a sensorless driver program. We could dub it the Generation 2 SimpleFOC Flagship Board? Gen2SFOCFB.

It would be based on the G431 STM32 processor, inline current sensing etc., as discussed elsewhere on this forum.


As an aside I spotted this computer case on my Twitter timeline the other day.

I assumed it was a CR box because of the people I follow… A CNC cut plywood case might compliment a BLDC CR box?

I also see Naomi Wu is selling these