Mecanum wheels for 2208 gimbal motors?

before I start my CAD I checked the forum for mecanum, but only found a battle bot and later a short hoverboard motor -video.
Before I go that big, I’d like to build a carpet-crawler. Either with 2208 or 2805 gimbal motors.
Has anyone seen printable designs that fit around the motor?


If you find some, do let me know :slight_smile:

There are lots of mechanum wheels for 4-wheel Omnidrive like the DJI RoboMaster… some are very expensive, while others are quite cheap.

I’ve never found any that would allow you to embed a 2208 motor to make a hub wheel - the wheel center is always too small. The best I can see doing is to get the ones without a Lego hub (eg the ones with just empty hubs) and print an attachment flange to join wheel and motor. But the motor will be external to the wheel.

If you can get the cad files for a wheel that is close, you can modify it pretty easily. However I think the motor may not have enough torque for you.

I know fusion360, if you find the starting CAD file and give me a drawing of the face of the motor I can do it for you but I recommend learning just a bit of CAD instead.

2208 refers to the dimensions of the stator. There is not standard interface for mounting or whatever, unlike say a nema 23 motor.

Thanks for the offer, I think of writing a parametric OpenScad file, so everyone can make it fit.
My idea is to clamp it onto the rotor instead of using the mounting holes.

You might be right about the low torque. It all depends on the bearings of the barrels. If they add too much losses, there is no chance.

OpenSCAD will work great for that kind of part, I think.

And a 2208 motor will be plenty to drive an omniwheel, and the robot/platform would have 4 such motors driving it.

How steeply uphill you’re able to go will be another question, omniwheels are not ideal for putting power down on the tarmac anyways, so to speak.

But in the flat you should have no problems.

How heavy are you planning to make it?

I don’t care about weight for the first version. It will be my winter project to sort out motion-mixing stuff on my RC-transmitter.
The final plan is to modify my lawn mower with hubmotors.
Initially I wanted to build tracks and steer like a tank, but that would leave a mess in the garden.

I’m thinking of molding the rollers from soft polyurethan or silicone-rubber. Will have plenty of traction, though not sure, if the grass will wrap around the rollers… gulp

The commercial mowers have hard plastic wheels, so I don’t think the requirements are very stringent.

I think its more about allowing it to turn without creating large shear forces which will tear the grass up. In those terms I think tank treads are best avoided…

But I also think omniwheels won’t work terribly well in the garden either, unless you make them very large.

Maybe best to go for a 2WD frontwheel drive and have a caster wheel in the back…?

Still interested in the mecanum wheel: I saw a video on your YT channel with a triangle shaped bot with omniwheels…
Thought about building one that balances on a ball (BB-8, may the force be with you :wink: )

I am not sure Mecanum is a good idea for a mower.
The ecoflow blade has kind of omniwheels but it’s not for traction, it replaces caster wheels.

A friend has made this but skid steering with 4WD is also not best.

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I think 99% of the robot mowers I’ve seen have followed this pattern. There’s a little Italian one that has 4 wheels.

Be aware that the 3-wheeled triangle shape requires a different type of wheel than the mechanum type side by side 4-wheeled arrangement…

I don’t think this is the best configuration for a lawn mower :smiley: but it would certainly be cool.

Oh right! Thanks for pointing that out. The three wheeler uses simple omniwheels…

Well, I’m not a greenkeeper on a golf-court and his mower is quite fast :supervillain:
Are you aware of better suited 6.5" wheels for rough terrain? Fugget it, just checked your Wiki …

I saw this in the past.

I know some members of the hoverboard telegram group shared some suitable tires in the past, but I am not there anymore.

Ah yeah even I forgot I added a link there :sweat_smile:

I know me well…already thinking of designing mars-rover tires with inbuild suspension.That’s why I never finish my projects, “improvement ideas” never end…


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