MC generator (stator) as BLDC

Dear all

I think I have found a solution for a good and cheep way of making a DIY BLDC, where SimpleFOC would come in very handy.

A MC generator has a decent size (115mm+ OD) and they seem to have quite thick coil wires. Don´t know the amp rating, but I would guess a large MC needs some juice for ignition, lights and so on.

The windings may need to be rewinded or cut and soldered.

You can find a MC stator with windings for around 22$

has anyone tried hacking a MC generator ?

Hmm… A 18slot - 16 magnets has a better winding factor then a 12slot.

Do you think a 3phase 18slot “outrunner” generator stator will be winded and ready to be used for BLDC?

With a custom rotor.

Here is an example. Imagine driving this as a outrunner with whatever magnets you choose.

The mounting hole is probably a standardized pattern, which could be sweet for a DIY BLDC.

Which wire gauge do you think this is ?

Actually these Washing Machine stators looks better for 24V. The MC stators would be better suited for rewinding to a higher voltage BLDC. This image is from a Samsung Washing machine.