Magnetic field viewers

I always wondered if I could visualize the magnetic field of the stator, that could be interesting for educational point of view.

I first thought I could create a ferrocell with ferrofluid or iron powder like this, but building one seems very messy.

Then I came across this type of viewers:

You can see the magnetic field but as it stays imprinted in the viewer it’s not very impressive.

Now I received this type of color gradient magnetic field viewer:

It looks better.
Maybe it would look even better with an axial flux pcb stator.

This is how it looks like with a magnetic encoder magnet:

Not super interesting but I thought I would share the results.


The video with slow rotation of the field around the stator is awesome!!

Very nice!

I use these screens to check the magnets always when I get new ones… very handy.

But I’ve never seen the colour ones!! I must get me one :slight_smile:

It seems like I commented this video 2 years ago lol

A better video from Elwin