Lishui e-bike controller LSW1545-06-01U

Hopefully this is the correct area to post this. I am working on a project e-bike and im trying to change a few parameters in the controller. The controller is a Lishui LSW1545-06-01U. Can I pull the file without erasing my stock parameters?


What do you mean by “change a few parameters” and “can I pull the file without erasing my stock parameters”? If you chose to use SimpleFOC you are essentially replacing the entire Lishui firmware with something you have developed. It might be possible to backup the Lishui firmware and reinstall it afterwards.

If you know stm32 and/or arduino quite well and can reverse engineer what the board is doing then you’ll probably be able to get this working. SimpleFOC hides many of the complexities but there is still a lot of custom development required.

There are a few threads about using Lishui e-bike with SimpleFOC, it is not clear whether anyone was fully ‘successful’. There was mention that they use stm32f103c8 mcu, which is a chip that others have have used with SimpleFOC.

Hey Owen thanks for the reply. I am mainly looking to increase the max speed and also increase amps a little bit. The stock file seems ok with all the parameters so i didn’t want to mess anything up that is already working alright. I was hoping to be able to backup the Lishui firmware. I was going to try using some of the EBiCS firmware but wasn’t sure if it was compatible with my newer controller.


I’m not sure if what you want to do has anything to do with simplefoc. I think you are asking whether using EBiCS firmware is compatible with your newer Lishui driver. EBiCs doesn’t use SimpleFOC, so I’m not sure if we can help you as we have no knowledge of EBiCs.

Feel free to correct me, if I’ve misunderstood you.