Largest motor ever spun by SimpleFOC?

I came across a cheap EV hybrid motor on eBay a while back. It’s designed to act as a starter/generator for a car, and provide up to 20 kW peak power for acceleration and regeneration while braking. It’s a 6 pole (3 pp) motor, with interior permanent magnets. Amazingly, I was able to replace the resolver it used with an AMT103 encoder, and used my Nucelo + DRV8302 board controller to effortless drive it using SimpleFOC, with full current sensing active. Really, really cool to see how flexible this library is! Obviously, this setup is no where near capable of driving the motor to anywhere near full power, but as a proof of concept, its really neat.

Excited to see regen control come to the library in time!


Thats freaking awesome!

Im willing to mail you a 60v/400A experimental development driver board for free to test it out, if you are within the Continental US. Earliest I could do this is April however. Would you be interested? No regen yet but its a start. Is it liquid cooled?

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And I think it may very well be the biggest motor driven by SimpleFOC so far… not sure, because there are some people working on EV racers, but certainly the biggest motor photographed and posted to the forum thet I’m aware of. :muscle: :smiley: