Larger but not too expensive motors?

Hi guys,

What do you think of this one:

The price seems pretty good for a 8110 sized motor. Not sure I believe their 1000W, but even for 500W it would be quite cheap?

What do people think? Is there something wrong with it?
And does anyone have any other recommendations for larger motors that don’t break the bank ($$$)?

We’re going to need them to test the new SimpleFOC Power-Shield soon! :smiley:

Shame they don’t quote the winding resistance. I count 21pole pairs and with 120 KV of 1400rpm i’d imagine it looks very good value.

Hi @runger,

The motor that you send looks interesting!

I do not know if you are still looking for a motor, but this one also looks interesting:


AliExpress motor

I do not have one and do not have experience with it, but it certainly looks like a nice motor!