Incremental encoders

I’d like to use this stepper & encoder with SimpleFOC:

Looking at Stepper drivers | Arduino-FOC

It seems that the only suitable one for ~5a would be this one:

Incremental encoders background

Would this type of optical encoder be supported?

Image from the manual for the Cl57t driver sold as compatible with this stepper.

  • Output Circuit Type: Differential type
  • Encoder Type: Incremental
  • Encoder Resolution: 1000PPR(4000CPR)
  • Output Signal Channels: 2 channels

Inconclusive thread on this encoder under Arduino

Hey @Sam,
What do you want to build?
1000ppr (4000cpr)seems a bit low to me for running a stepper with FOC.
I’m using a Nema 34 stepper and I’m having issues with alignment although I’m using a 2000ppr (8000cpr) encoder.


This would be for a belt linear actuator with a Laser module

After reading how to use an incremental encoder in Arduino

I think I need an RS-422 hardware device for my Arduino?

For RS-422 which is the full-duplex version of RS-485

If you want to use this stepper and encoder, you don’t need the RS-422 hardware device.
Only if you want to use a SinCos encoder.

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OK thanks.

Could anyone point me in the direction of hardware I should look at to control this motor & encoder combination under SimpleFOC?