I need help installing Simplefocstudio

I am trying to install simplefocstudio but am stuck on step 2 below. It says, " Clone this repository or download the zip file". What repository is it talking about?


Don’t worry, SimpleFOCStudio is easy to install even if you have never used the terminal before! :smiley: There are just couple of steps to take:

  1. Install Python if you don’t have it installed yet
  • We suggest to use Anaconda. Here is how to install it.
  • Once you have your Anaconda running open your terminal (on windows anaconda prompt) and run:
 conda create -n simplefoc python=3.6.0
  • Once this is done you will never have to run that command again, from now on you will just need:
 conda activate simplefoc
  1. Clone this repository or download the zip file
  2. Enter the folder containing the repository using the terminal
  • the command will be something like this:
 cd  some_path_on_disk/SimpleFOCStudio
  1. Final step of the installation is installing all the necessary libraries for the SimpleFOCStudio :
 pip install -r "requirements.txt"

It’s talking about the git repo.
There are 2 options you can download:

For me, the one by JorgeMaker worked better, but your mileage may vary.

Thank you.

I will download the one by JorgeMaker.