How to read the data from the driver and send to python

how to read current draw, voltage, position, velocity and torques from the board and send to python environment and plot while running the actuator. I am using dagor board and its firmware 2.1. Please guide.

Do not know the particular requirements of your application but if is nothing special you can plot data union SimpleFOC Studio … and if you have some particular requirements you can reuse some parts of the Python code to meet your needing

Captura de pantalla 2021-07-24 a las 13.30.19


I tried simple foc studio, I can send the serial cammands and it it working but the graph plof is not working. am I missing something? also I want to record this data and save in csv file. I need to know what part of your code can do this task.

Do you have motor.monitor(); statement in you loop? In this case if you connect a terminal to your serial port you should visualize an stream of data like this:

-0.5000 -0.5000 -78.1812        -29.3901
-0.5000 -0.5000 -25.8384        -35.2165
-0.5000 -0.5000 -28.3493        -41.1434

If you want bulk data to a CVS file you can implement a Python script that receives data sent from your loop() and then writes a CVS file.


@avinash_bhashkar, make sure to add motor.monitor to the void loop. By default I don’t have that in the Dagor firmware.