[HELP]Why my SimpleFOCStudio looks different

Hi, does someone have the same “COMMAND” interface, it’s a select list, so I cannot type “M” into it. Any advice will be appreciated~

Which controller you’re using?
I’d suggest run your simplefocstudio.py, Select port, connect and reboot your MCU. Once initialize yu should be able to select param from the dropdown list.

Hey Calvin,
That is the dev version with some experimental features (a fork in the simplefoc organisation). :smiley:
If you’re having trouble with this one, try the original version

Thank you, @Antun_Skuric , it does work, (I have no idea how I downloaded that dev version).

Yeah, actually I did so, but it seems that box have no change, Autun solved that problem, that’s because I download a dev version, thank you btw.