GigaDevice GD32F4 experiences?

Has anyone here tried the GD32F4 MCUs on an ESC design? I need to do high-voltage ESC and they look interesting simply for being availabe. In theory they should do as well as the popular STM32F4(05RGT6) chips, but I’m wondering how the ADCs compare and if anyone ran into bugs. (As some peripherals like the memory controller and display driver have issues ST counterparts don’t have).

Can you compile for them using Arduino Framework? Are they close enough to the F4 that they are supported by stm32duino?

From what I recall last time I checked the Arduino support for the GD devices seemed kind of sketchy. In any case, we currently wouldn’t have a hardware driver for it if it doesn’t run the stm32 Arduino framework. Unfortunately.

I have tested GD32F103 and it’s fully compatible with the STM32F103, I’ve used it in one of my designs.

However, have no idea about F4 series. F103 is a very mature clone and the F4 may be different. I keep saying this, there is only one way to tell. Make a board, and test it.

Why do you need the GD32F4 ones? There are plenty of STM32F4 available, and cheaper, too. Go for the real thing.