FOC Studio Help

Hi guys. I’ve been able to get the FOC example to work using the 3pwm and as5600.
I can get SimpleFOCStudio to run and i can connect to the ESP32 im using with FOC.
I can use the T command to change the velocity.

What i haven’t been able to do is get data to trend or read any of the gains and other associated parameters. I took a WAG at the gains to get started prior to loading the program into the ESP32, and it seems to be roughly regulating.

Can anyone help a poor old man get Studio to work for me?

It can be confusing to get it running!

do you have a “full motor control” enabled in the commander? E.g. a line like:

commander.addMotor("M", onMotor);

and if so, have you used the same letter (in my example “M”) in the command box under connection control in the Studio?