FOC algorythm implementation technical question

I think i’ve read all the docs about SimpleFOC, but i dont understand a few things about how the code handles certain aspects:

  1. How is it possible to implement foc with a motor, where the rotor position feedback comes from hall sensors? According to many papers, and TI lecture i’ve seen, you need an accurate position feedback to track the rotor flux position, with the resolution beeing at least 3-5 degrees. The transformations in SimpleFOC look like standard Park-Clarke, so i dont understand how it is implemented when the rotor position tracking resolution is 60 degrees provided by the Hall Sensors.

  2. Is there a way to provide field weakening with Id current, or is it always set to 0?

Thanks in advance for any help

There is a smoothing sensor that extrapolates the position:

Yes Id is always 0.

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